Business Strategy

Revenue Model

Our revenue model is a hardware and consumable, an image analyzer and saliva assay samples. The packaging will provide proper labeling for instructions on how to use and operate the device. To deliver properly deliver our product for law enforcement use, we will work on a business to business operation with municipality-approved distributors providing blood alcohol testing instrumentation to police agencies. We have coordinated with distributors such as BACTrack, Alcomate, and Intoximeter, which has about 5,000 instruments in over 400 police agencies in California.




Funding and Market Strategy

Relative to the breathalyzer, Terra Flora’s cost of sale would be lower. This would include labor costs, outsourced manufacturing, and distributor expenses. Within two years and seeking $580,000 in seed funding, we plan to capture 5% within a $2.3 Billion Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry.

In 2 years, we aim to capture $2.4 million within the nation’s $2.3 billion Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry.

Greenlight’s funding will be distributed based on the pie chart above.


Greenlight was conceptualized based on UCI BioENGINE program. As for the scope of the project, Greenlight focused on image analysis for quantifying tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) colorimetric assays. Although the main focus is for California law enforcement, Greenlight plans to expand to industries involved with heavy machinery that THC-impairment might pose as a workplace hazard. Eventually, Greenlight will outreach to other strategic partners looking to support commercialization into the healthcare industry, especially medicinal marijuana clinics aimed to reduce the occurrence of epileptic seizures.


Currently, Greenlight is pursuing IP protection with current strategic partners of the THC detection method and saliva platform. Since a US patent for the saliva platform has been published, only the proprietary algorithms and method will not be publicly disclosed at this time.