Our team delivers a highly technical skillset and background in optics, demonstrating a coordinated and focused team dedicated to breakthrough diagnostic analyzing technologies:

Mitchell Dang
Team Leader | Business Analyst/ Applications Engineer

Interning at Henkel AG & Company in Düsseldorf, Germany, Mitchell has merged engineering fundamentals with Internet of Things technologies to provide market analysis. 

Alice Truong
Manufacturing Engineer | Quality Assurance

Researching at the Beckman Laser Institute, Alice has a strong insight of computer-imaging technologies and microscopic studies for quantitative data analysis.

Hai Pham
Matlab Expert | Software Developer

Bringing in Matlab and Arduino programming skills, Hai investigates the colorimetric properties of immunoassays to develop a standardized THC image analyzing platform.

Stephanie Lee
3D Printing Specialist | Hardware Developer

Stephanie is a member of 3D printing club, she has experience with Solidworks and become the main designer of our prototype. 

Tien Cao
Quality Regulation | FMEA Analyst

Based on her internship at UCI’s Gillespie Neuroscience Research Facility, Tien qualifies that the device meets target criteria to ensure the device can go to market

Together, Greenlight aims to be a gamechanger in quantitative THC analyzing technologies.

Thank you to our mentor, Michelle Khine from the UCI Biomedical Engineering Department.