Problem and Solution

In recent times, police officers possess limited methods of quantitatively measuring tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a primary contributor of impairment, from marijuana.
The problem is current methods:

  1. Such as blood and urine, are invasive and take 1-2 months to get back results from the forensics lab.
  2. Current saliva diagnostic tests determine a qualitative positive or negative confirmation of THC.

Based on the Colorado Department of Transportation, 75% increase of Marijuana-involved fatalities within Colorado from 2015 to 2016

In response to these limitations, our product,Terra Flora, is an image analyzer of colorimetric THC assays, providing a rapid, quantitative result based on saliva assay analysis. Police officers can get a measurable amount of THC based determined from a calibrated concentration curve, assisting the assessment of marijuana-impaired drivers.


Left: Design Schematic of the Greenlight THC Detector; Center: Current Model of Terra Flora ; Right: Conceptualized Final Design